About Paws Off

nicole_aboutPaws Off is owned and run by Nicole Harris (previously Emery) BA(Hons) PGDip CABC, a professional behaviourist and dog trainer. Nicole began working in the animal care industry in 1998 and has previously worked for a British wildlife rescue organisiation, an exotic species collection, on several game reserves in South Africa and a local boarding kennels.

In 2007, Nicole began working as an Animal welfare assistant and then as a Rehomer for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. In the same year she also began working as an assistant dog trainer with a Berkshire based dog training company.

Nicole set up Paws Off at the beginning of 2009 in order to bring her expertise to the Surrey area.

Why Choose Paws Off?

With so many dog trainers and behaviourists to choose from, each offering different methods and techniques, it can sometimes be hard to know where to turn for effective training and behaviour advice. It is important when seeking a dog trainer or behaviourist that you choose an individual who is suitably qualified and keeps up to date with the science behind their chosen field. You can be assured that Nicole constantly seeks to further her knowledge and below is a list of her qualifications and accreditations.