petlog_logoNicole is a fully trained Microchip Implanter with Pet-detect® and offers a microchipping service for companion animals. If you have a dog, cat, ferret, guinea pig or rabbit and would like to get them microchipped then please contact us for further information. The one-off fee of £20 includes the microchip implant and registration for life with Petlog, all in the comfort of your pet’s home.

The pet-detect Microchip
Nicole only uses Pet-detect® microchips which use the latest technology and fully comply with the Pet Passport Scheme. They have fewer components than most other brands of microchip making them one of the smallest on the market (11.5mm). Independent tests have shown that the smaller the microchip the less likely it is to migrate. These microchips are also recognised by a larger range of microchip scanners, making it easier to reunite you with your pet in the unfortunate event that he or she goes missing.

The Needle
The needle is designed to minimise discomfort to the animal when microchipping, making the process of implanting as quick and painless as possible.

The UK Reunification Database - PETLOG
Petlog is the official UK database and is run by the UK Kennel Club. All pet-detect® chips are registered with Petlog. If the unfortunate happens and your pet goes missing you can call Petlog on 0870 6066 751 to start the reunification process. When a chip is implanted it is registered with Petlog who offer LIFE-LONG registration (your pet will be registered for the entirety of its life). Everything revolves around the microchip registration number you are given so make sure you have that to hand before you call Petlog. It is also worth knowing that Petlog are part of EuroPetNet. EuroPetNet cleverly connects several European databases together - so even if your pet is lost whilst you're on holiday in France, Spain or another European country, you still have a good chance of being reunited with it. This is all included in the Petlog one-off registration fee.