Pets-at-Home“Nicole has dedicated her time to running our puppy parties here at the Farnborough branch of Pets at Home since September 2009 and she provides invaluable advice to customers with new puppies. Her knowledge is vast and the customers consistently report how helpful and beneficial the puppy parties have been. She uses reward based methods which are extremely important for young puppies. Nicole is extremely polite, friendly, welcoming and sympathetic with both staff and customers. Without her help and time we would not be able to run our puppy parties and we are more than delighted to pass enquiries on to her knowing the dogs will be in safe hands.”

Michelle Pearce, Head Groomer

Pets at Home, Farnborough


Nassor“We were very happy with the progress that Nassor made during his socialisation and puppy classes. During the sessions we learned how to communicate effectively with our puppy and we were taught how to encourage our puppy to follow commands using a 'positive / praising technique' rather than one that was 'negative / discouraging'. Nassor responded well to this approach and we witnessed dramatic improvements each week.

Nicole presented herself with confidence and competence and she clearly understands what makes a dog 'tick'. She was informative about dog training in general but was also able to speak knowledgeably about specific breeds.

My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Nicole for puppy training.”

Andrew and Romana Sullivan, Camberley

Nassor the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Wallace“My name is Wallace and I am a soft coated wheaten terrier. I recently finished one of Nicole’s training courses and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. She will give you lots of things to do and learn and you can get to know other dogs as well!!!! My owners are very pleased with me as I have improved in what they can now get me to do. So I would say to any dog – persuade your owners to take you along to Nicole’s classes so that you can learn with ease in a nice, friendly atmosphere.


P.S. I recently went to a Wheaten Terrier dog show and, thanks to what I learned in class, I passed my Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme - Bronze Award.”

Wallace the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Colin and Jackie, Finchampstead


Phoebe“Dear Nicole - Thank you so much for all your help in making me a really well behaved and happy puppy. I can sit and stay and come when I'm called now, and I was even a good girl when I met sheep for the first time on the weekend! Mum and Dad have promised to take me to agility classes when i'm a bit older too! Phoebe (aged 6 and half months) xxxx”

Phoebe the Border Collie

Rhian and Tom Wooldridge, Farnborough


Ted“Ted has now completed both the Puppy and Improver’s classes with Nicole.  We both really enjoyed them and learnt lots.  Very importantly for such a young dog, the classes were a really positive experience, and Ted absolutely loved going.  Nicole has endless patience with bouncy puppies and uncoordinated owners, and she is now one of Ted’s favourite people in the whole world!

There was a range of puppy personalities in our class from the shy to the boisterous, and this was handled really well, with carefully supervised play sessions at the end of each class.  I have also had a 1-2-1 session to help with something I was particularly struggling with and Nicole calmed me down and sorted us out very quickly, leaving me much more confident and focussed on what we should be doing.  I will definitely be recommending these classes to other dog owners.”

Anne Alexander, Fleet

Ted the Cocker Spaniel


Sasha “I used to dread the classes I attended with my very first dog as I was made to feel stupid if my puppy did not perform well. But the ‘Puppy School’ classes with Nicole were relaxed and fun, and stressed that all puppies are different, therefore I was more relaxed and Sasha was too. We learned how to encourage her to do the things we wanted in a gentle way, rewarding her when she did well, and she has responded by becoming a more manageable and enjoyable dog.”

Christine Mathews, Sandhurst

Sasha the Cocker Spaniel



eddie_small"As a first time puppy owner, I needed all the help I could get learning how to look after the latest edition to the family.  Nicole came to our house and couldn't have been more helpful with tips on socialisation, advice on toilet training and learning through play.  Being the puppy of two crossbreeds, Eddie had four different breeds in him; Border Collie, Bearded Collie, Rottweiler and Belgian Shepherd, so he needed lots of mental stimulation to keep his mind active and alert and to stop him from getting bored.  Nicole taught us how to engage him in games and communicate in a positive and rewarding way.  We also attended puppy classes where, although Eddie turned out to be the only boy and was also the largest puppy, he joined in well and enjoyed the attention he received from all the girl puppies. I would thoroughly recommend attending one of Nicole's classes or, if you feel uncomfortable in a group setting, invite her to your home for some one-2-one help. Eddie is now a well behaved, (well, most of the time!) sociable puppy and can interact with other dogs, babies, children and adults alike."

Nikki and Tony Miller, Frimley

Eddie the Crossbreed



tembo_small"Tembo and I thoroughly enjoyed your dog training classes. I was just sad that I didn't hear of your classes when he was a little puppy, and wasted time going to another class that was overcrowded and thoroughly uninspiring. However, thanks to your classes, he is continuing to improve and is now very obedient. He is walking much better to heel, he will wait at the roadside until I tell him to cross and he even comes back if I call him when he is chasing a deer!!! He walked from our house in St Ives down to the town without a lead and enjoyed a supper in the pub afterwards where he was complimented on his good behaviour!!! No doubt in my mind that you worked wonders. I would recommend your classes without reservation, a million times better than the one I went to before. I tell everyone what fun the class was. With such a small number of dogs everyone got plenty of individual attention and learnt the correct way to train their dog in a very enjoyable way. If we ever get another dog I will be back!! Many Thanks."

Margaret Buchanan, Camberley

Tembo the English Springer Spaniel


layla_small"Layla is our first puppy and Nicole's support, both in class and by email/phone was excellent. Becoming a dog owner for the first time is really exciting but also quite daunting. We bought Gwen Bailey's book 'The Perfect Puppy', and Nicole's classes complimented the advice in the book brilliantly. It was great to see the strategies we had read about modelled practically. During each class Nicole was able to spend time with us individually which was really helpful and encouraging to know that we were doing the right things. Layla really enjoyed the classes and it was a great way to get her to begin socialising with other puppies with different personalities."

Helen and Nick Okoth, Ash

Layla the Labrador



daisy"Daisy attended Nicole's puppy training classes in Camberley when she was just a few months old.  I am so pleased that we attended classes, as all the commands she learned then, we still use now (she is now 2 years old).  It was also a great way of socialising her as a pup.  Daisy is so well behaved and people always comment on what a lovely dog she is.  We still use the foundations of training that we learned in Puppy School, but we have also built on them to ensure that Daisy continues to learn. We are very lucky to have open spaces where we live. We very rarely use a lead when out walking in the open as she immediately returns to us when called. We went as a family to the classes and I think this was really important so we all used the same commands with Daisy. The training classes were invaluable and we would definately recommend them."

Jason and Julia Lowe, Deepcut

Daisy the Miniature Labradoodle




amber"We were delighted with our beautiful but slightly crazy Vizsla puppy but even more so when we learnt how to train and have fun with her!! Nicole's puppy classes were a complete joy which Amber and the family all enjoyed. Nicole treated Amber's behaviour so calmly and showed us a lot of techniques on how we could train her and enjoy her bubbly personality. Nicole went out of her way with additional advice whenever we asked in making sure Amber would be a sociable puppy that we could trust around adults, children and other dogs. Her natural way of teaching makes each class a pleasure and her abundant knowledge of each puppies personality traits is brilliant, we felt she really cared. We can't wait for the next classes to start in May!!!!"

Rachel and Paul Mould, Fleet

Amber the Hungarian Vizsla


hector"I was truly impressed with the Puppy School class headed by Nicole.  As a Veterinary Surgeon I hear about many training classes but I feel Hector and I were really lucky to have had lessons from Nicole.  She and her assistant gave each puppy individual attention and made sure that none of them were overwhelmed.  The puppies (and the humans) had a great time and both species learned more about each other!"

Johanna Headley BVetMed MRCVS, Lightwater

Hector the Crossbreed






roxy"This is Roxy, a Labrador/Collie Cross.  We were still grieving for our last dog who had died from cancer when we found Roxy at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in Old Windsor.  She was about 10 weeks old and had already been rejected by a family!  We realised why as soon as we met her as she was more than play biting - she meant it! We saw through her tough defensive exterior and a bit 'heart in mouth' we took her home.  She was a fiesty little thing and left a few scars and initially we realised that we may need more help than the 'Perfect Puppy' book by Gwen Bailey could give us.  Thankfully Battersea staff had told us about Nicole and after looking her up on the internet, imagine our delight when we realised she was teaching from the Gwen Bailey school of thinking.  Initially we talked to her over the phone and that was really helpful and had planned to have a 1-2-1 session.  Then by pure chance we met her at a puppy party that Pets at Home had arranged.  She was delightful, supportive and gave us so many good ideas - imagine all this expertise from a free puppy party.  We were so impressed that we booked on to a 'Paws Off' Puppy School training class and the fun began.  Roxy was certainly a handful but with the training and lots of love and understanding from all our family she slowly stopped biting and began to enjoy life.  Although we thought Roxy was the bad girl of the crowd, Nicole never once made us feel embarrassed by her behaviour. Far from it as all the teaching was gentle but effective and if she got too much - Leah, Nicole's assistant, was straight to us to help us out.  The first puppy classes were brilliant and we have just finished the Improvers course with flying colours.  Nicole and the training have turned Roxy into a perfect puppy for us and we can't wait to move onto the next stage.  Thank you so much."

Alison, Ian and Hayley Hamilton-Stewart, Sandhurst

Roxy the Labrador x Collie


dexter"My name is Dexter and I am a partially sighted Rottie cross. Some people don't like Rottweilers as we are seen as not very nice, but I am really friendly and love all animals and people. When my owners got me I was in a home and I did have quite a few bad habits. I always jumped up at people and used to bite the lead when walking along. I also used to jump all over other dogs when I met them as sometimes I don't see them until they are up close and so I got very excited when another dog suddenly came into view.

I was one of the oldest at puppy training classes, but Nicole let me join in and although I was bigger than all the other dogs, Nicole and her helper encouraged me to play and socialise with the other puppies. I learnt how to sit and stay, lie down and was also taught that I couldn't jump up at everybody I met. Nicole was far more patient than my owners and also didn't mind if I forgot my manners and accidentally did a little wee in the middle of class! I really enjoyed my puppy classes and so did my owners who learnt from Nicole, and interacting with my doggie friends and their owners. I would recommend Nicole to any doggie who wanted their Mum and Dad to understand them better!!"

Dexter the Rottweiler Cross

Helen Jacobs and Simon Dixon, Hook



coco2"Just a quick note as CoCo is approaching her first birthday to thank you for all your help with her.  We just returned from a walk off lead in the woods, she is great with her recall, so well behaved and loves being (playing) with all the other dogs she meets.  The loose lead walking is now so much better, no pulling and no sore arms! She sits beautifully, and now does it automatically when we come to the road - no treats needed!

Thank You"


Rob and Louise Marshall, Camberley

CoCo the Boxer


lottiea"Thank you for such an enjoyable and also inspirational course.

I found your style of training excellent, it has really given me the confidence to try different things and Lottie loves all the interaction.  She is going to do a little show at Christmas to 'How much is that doggie in the window'.  The challenge is my co-ordination....haha. She loves it, it will be a bit of fun!

Please keep me informed of your future plans for next year.  I would definately like to book a place for Lottie."

Juliet Lodde, Camberley

Lottie the Cockerpoo